About us

We are a dynamic trading company, specialised in the sale of stills and related products for years.
We would be happy to provide you with advice and help you find solutions. We operate various online shops at home and abroad. These online shops are mainly aimed at the sale of various types and sizes of stills and related products.
In short; if you are looking for good-quality European Stills and related items, you have come to the right place at Distillation Supplies!

Started as a hobby

Distilling spirits

Born from our hobby of distilling our own spirits, the sale of various types of stills started years ago. These are stills for distilling your own spirit, a fun and challenging activity. The stills on offer are of the best available quality, besides the fact that the stills are competitively priced, they look beautiful and are fully functional! We trust in our quality, which is why we provide a three-year warranty on all stills.

Making your own essential oil

Since a few years we are more specialised in making essention oil and hydrolates with our copper column stills.