Buying a still

What could be more fun than having a nice meal with friends and enjoying a home-brewed drink? Making your own beer has been popular for some time but producing stronger alcoholic drinks yourself has also increased in popularity recently. Everyone can make their own alcoholic drinks with the right equipment!

A still is required to make spirits. You can buy a still at We sell beautiful, copper stills in different price ranges. These stills are not only very functional, they are also beautifully designed.

Buying an alembic or still?

If you are looking to buy a still, you will undoubtedly also come across the term ‘alembic’. An alembic is a simple copper still. The advantage of this is that it takes up little space and that it is quite easy to use. So if you want to buy a still, you can search for ‘alembic’.

Would you like to get started as soon as possible? Choose a beautiful European made still from You will receive a ready-to-use set that can be used on any type of heat source. This means that you can easily make your own drink on both a gas burner and an electric hob. These stills are not suitable for induction.

Buying a copper still

The stills at are stylish and made of red copper. They are all high-quality boilers made to distil your own spirits. Do you want to start distilling your own alcohol and use a beautiful and functional still? We recommend buying a copper still at You will receive a complete set, so you can get to work straight away. Or visit our online shop for accessoiries to expand your kit. buys stills in bulk and can offer competitive rates. Is the still you want not on our website? Please feel free to contact us. You may still be able to buy the still you would like!