Copper still

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Copper still

If you want to distil your own spirit, you will need at least one still. Stills come in different types, one of which is the copper still. This still is the easiest option if you want to start making spirits straight away.

Why are stills made of copper?

You may be wondering why stills are often made of copper. This is not only because of the beautiful appearance of copper, but mainly because this type of material is easy to shape. Much easier than most other materials that may be used for a still. In addition, copper is a first-class heat conductor, which is of great importance when making your own alcohol.

Why buy a copper still?

Copper is widely used for making stills because it is a good heat conductor. But why are the stills not made of stainless steel? After all, stainless steel is also a first-class heat conductor. And sustainable. And there is a good reason for this. First, the taste of the drink is affected in different ways during distillation. The duration of the distillation and the lengths of the heads, hearts and tails can have an effect on the taste. Second, it appears that the material the still is made of also has an effect on the taste of the drink. This also means that using the right “condenser” is also important. Of the two types, the worm tube comes into contact with copper the most. This mainly applies to making your own whisky.

Copper stills from

The beautiful copper stills from are suitable for both professionals and beginners. The hobby stills are perfectly finished and can be fired on both gas and wood. Furthermore, the hobby stills are equipped with a thermometer and a free heavy gas burner. With our stills you can start distilling your own spirit straight away. Finally, these stills are equipped with a mixer which can be operated by hand to prevent caking inside the still.

Copper not only gives the still a good look, but also has an essential effect on the taste of your homemade spirit. Not just during distillation but also during condensation.

Do you have questions about one of our (copper) stills? Feel free to contact one of our professionals. They will be happy to help!