Distilling your own alcohol

You can buy a nice bottle of whisky or wine in the shop for a few euros. But let’s be honest: wouldn’t it be much better and more fun to make your own drinks? Making your own spirits is easier than you might think. With the right equipment you will able to distil your own alcohol.

But what is the right equipment? The most important thing is to have a copper still. With a still from Distillationsupplies.com you can get started right away. At distillation.com you will find a wide range of high-quality stills that are made in Europe.

Distillation process

Distillation is a process in which different substances in a solution are separated from each other by heating and evaporation. By gently boiling the mixture, the substance with the lowest boiling point will evaporate a little more than the others. By removing the vapour and condensing it in another vessel, two compounds can be separated.

When it comes to making spirits, distillation is usually done in a still. Due to the conductive material of the still, it is sufficiently heated for the distillation process. The temperature gauge ensures that the liquid is actually heated to the correct temperature. Thanks to the outlet, the different liquids are separated from each other. The liquid that is left in the still is the spirit. The slower you distil, the higher the alcohol percentage.

Distilling spirit

If you like to make spirits, you need a still. Have a look at our range on Distillationsupplies.com We offer beautiful red copper stills in various sizes, so that you can choose one that exactly matches your requirements for making your own spirit.

Or contact us for related accessoiries for distilling spirits, such as an alcoholmeter, turbo yeast, and a handy and powerful hob with 1 burner. Because we buy in bulk, we can offer the best quality stills at competitive prices.