Making your own spirits, this is how to do it!

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Making your own spirits, this is how to do it!

Making your own spirits is nothing new, it is an art that dates back centuries. But nowadays it takes less time and effort in making a good drink yourself. Wondering how to make your own spirit? Carry on reading!

What do you need to make your own spirit?

First, you need a still to make your own spirit. Which still you need depends on the type of drink you want to make. The standard Moonshine alembic still is suitable for most types of spirit. Do you want to distil whisky? You can use a special whisky still for this. When adding fruit pulp, you can prevent caking by using the hobby still with scraper. If you want to use herbs or make essential oils, a column still is the best option.

Getting started

When the still is more than three-quarters full (due to a larger vapour surface) with the mash, you can start heating the still. This is the start of the distillation process. A still consists of three or four different parts: the boiler, the cooler, the helmet (also available in 2 parts). Always make sure that the helmet is properly secured inside the boiler.

Fill the cooler with water and ensure a smooth flow of cooling water by means of a hose. Always allow the cooling water to flow in through the bottom of the cooler. Place a piece of hose at the top of the cooler to gently drain the water.

Do you have any questions about distilling your own spirit? Get in touch. We are happy to help.