Copper still: what to keep in mind?

Home-brewed beer in the summer, home-made whisky in the winter: would you also like to distil your own spirit? The first step is of course buying a good copper still.

Before buying a still, it is good to know how such a still works and what to keep in mind when purchasing. Because the still must be able to handle a considerable amount of heat, it must be made of strong material. That is why sells special copper stills that can tolerate this heat.

Make your own still

If you want to distil your own drinks, buying a still is the easiest and quickest way to get started. Or you can make your own still. A still consists of a boiler, a column, a bend and a cooler. The still could be made from an old boiler, an old barrel or even a teapot.

A copper base is the easiest, because copper is easy to work and is a good heat conductor. A piece of copper tube can be used as a column. The same applies to the bend and the cooler. You can find various instructions for making your own still on the internet.

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Copper still

If you want to get started quickly with distilling spirits, it is best to buy a copper still at This will enable you to get started with professional stills straight away. You can read more about copper stills in our blog.

Buying a still

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