Essential oil stills

The copper column stills above are ideal for making essential oils and hydrosols. The column is equipped with a basket for distilling herbs, plants and flowers for making essential oils. This still is ideal for making beautifully scented lavender oil. In addition, this column still can also be used for distilling beverages.

How much essential oil is left after distillation?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on a large number of factors, including the type of plant material, the pruning phase of the plant material, the moisture of the plant material and the distillation process. From lavender branches, you are left with roughly 4 to 7 percent of the weight of plant material as lavender oil. But this can also differ per lavender species within the lavender family. To get an idea of ​​different yields of essential oils, we refer to our blog: Making essential oil by steam distillation.