Buying a spirit keg.

You can use a spirit keg for storing and serving your home-made drink. Our spirit kegs are made by hand and can be used both functionally and decoratively. We have spirit kegs suitable for 3, 5 and 10 litres.

Age your whiskey, wine, rum, liqueur and other drinks

Making your own alcoholic drink is very satisfying. It is exciting and fun to taste the result. There are all kinds of barrels on the market for storing and ageing homemade alcoholic drinks. Wooden barrels have been used for centuries and are available in different types of wood. Many types of wood have been used to make barrels: mulberry, chestnut, acacia, beech. Of all types of wood, oak appears to be the best type of wood for storing and ageing drinks such as whiskey, liqueur, rum, wine and other drinks.

The advantages of a French oak wooden barrel

The advantage of ageing in French oak wood is that the wood aging adds flavouring and aroma, like dill, toast, coconut and vanilla. It is no coincidence that the best wineries such as Burgundy and Bordeaux almost always opt for French oak. In some areas it is even legally stipulated that whiskey may only age in oak barrels. French oak wood is bendable and strong at the same time. In addition, it ensures stability and clarity of the drinks.

Our wooden barrels are hand made from French oak and therefore of very high quality. The barrels contain no paraffin and are lightly charred on the inside (lightly toasted), which in our view is optimal for ageing drinks. The barrels can be used to pour drinks from or to age drinks. These are new barrels, which makes it important to use them correctly. Please consult the manual supplied with the product.

Simply order online

Ordering our kegs online is simple. When you order from us, you benefit from the best quality products at the best prices. In addition, all our products are available directly from stock.