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Apfelkorn and calvados essence


With these liqueur essences you can make delicious apple flavoured liqueurs. This product contains both calvados and apfelkorn essence so that you can make and taste both. You can make 0.75 litres of liqueur per bottle.

How do you make calvados and apfelkorn?
Make a mash with turbo yeast, water, and sugar and leave it in a fermentation barrel for a few days. You then heat this mash in a copper still, so that you achieve a high percentage of alcohol. You can measure the alcohol percentage with an alcohol meter and measuring cylinder before adding the essence. Mix this alcohol with a bottle of liqueur essence, water, and sugar to create the apple liqueur. The correct proportions are on the back of the bottle of essence. If the liqueur is too strong, you can dilute it with water.

Contents: two bottles of essence for apple liqueurs calvados and apfelkorn

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