Copper column still | Distillation Supplies
Copper column still | Distillation Supplies
Copper column still | Distillation Supplies
Copper column still | Distillation Supplies
Copper column still | Distillation Supplies
Copper column still | Distillation Supplies

Copper column still


With the copper column still, available with a capacity of 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 litres, you can distil home-made spirit and/or produce essential oil from hydrosol. The stills are crafted in Europe and of the best available quality.

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Buying a copper column still

In our images we show the products you will receive, including accessories and a free installed thermometer. The column is equipped with a basket for distilling herbs, plants and flowers for making essential oils. This still is ideal for making beautifully scented lavender oil. Read more about making essential oil and hydrolates here. Our copper column still is available directly from stock and shipped free of charge. In addition, all stills are supplied with heat-resistant sealing tape and hose clamps for the cooling water hoses. The stills are deliberately fitted with heat-resistant tape (easy to remove after use) to make the connection with the cooling coil gastight. This the safest method.

Quality stills

With our very good quality copper stills you cannot only make your own essential oils, but also your own moonshine. We keep our prices competitive by buying in bulk. So, you can get started producing essential oils or distilling your own spirit straight away. If desired, you can also order a hob, alcoholmeter, separation funnel and turbo yeast or other accessories. All copper column stills are crafted in Europe. The still can be used on any heat source: from hob to gas burner (with the exception of induction). We recommend heating stills from 20 litres and up on a gas flame. To reduce the distilling time, you could also heat the 10-litre still on a gas flame. See “Additional information” for the dimensions of the selected product. Also view our oak wooden barrels for storing and ageing your homemade alcoholic drink.

Distilling alcohol

Legislation applies to distilling spirits. We are certified and we have a permit from customs to be allowed to sell these stills. Distilling water, essential oils, etc. is allowed in most countries. Distilling alcohol is only allowed in most European countries with an excise permit. When purchasing one of these appliances, or if you want to distil alcohol, you must therefore comply with the applicable legislation in your country.

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Cognac, Liqueur, Moonshine