Turbo Yeast | Distillation Supplies
Turbo Yeast | Distillation Supplies

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Turbo Yeast 48-hour


Make 25 litres of with 14% alcohol in 48 hours using 1 packet of Alcotec-48 and 6 kg sugar or make 25 litres of with 20% alcohol in 5 days using 1 packet of Alcotec-48 and 8 kg sugar.

Delivery time: 3-5 working days


Turbo yeast instructions

  • Dissolve the sugar while stirring in 22 litres of water at 40 °C and put this in the fermenter together with 1 packet of Alcotec 48.

  • Cover, but do not install an airlock. No more than 2 packs (50 litres) at the same time.

  • Fermentation temperature 20-30 °C (optimal at a temperature of 25 °C)..

Content: 135 gr

Can also be added to fruit pulp to obtain the most complete fermentation possible.
With English instructions.