Make your own natural perfume

In this blog we are going to tell you how you can make a 100% natural perfume yourself. To make your own perfume you need 94% neutralised (odour-free) alcohol and various essential oils. The alcohol that you distil in a copper alembic still has an alcohol odour which you will smell in your perfume. Alcohol-based perfume is for spraying and vegetable oil-based perfume is for lubrication. Perfume consists of a base note, a middle note and a top note. This is 1 to 2 to 3. For example, if you add 10 drops of the base note, you would add 20 drops of the middle note and 30 drops of the top note. For 25 ml of neutralised alcohol, add about 100 drops of essential oil. Below we have described a number of most common scents that are used in making a natural perfume and possible positive effects of these scents.

Top note:
Bergamot, citrus, anti-depressant and mood-enhancing
Grapefruit, fresh, sparkling, fruity
Cardamom, heat
Peppermint, refreshes the mind, strengthens the mind, activates and clears, cooling
Orange, lively, fruity sweet

Middle note:
Geranium, rosy, balanced, harmonized
Jasmine, feminine, sweet and floral, make euphoric
Cloves, strong spicy
Lavender, calming, soothing when stressed, stimulating when tired
Neroli, unique and fresh
Rose, sweet and floral, harmonizing and opening the heart
Clary sage, spicy, fresh and sweet, relaxing
Ylang Ylang, floral, sweet, exotic, security and trust

Base note:
Benzoic, warm, sweet fragrance. Cosy, grounding and soothing
Cade, woody, warm, leathery
Cedar, grounding, sweet and round
Cistercian, warming, grounding, gives balance
Oakmoss, relaxing effect
Galbanum, balance, harmonizing and invigorating
Guaiac wood, woody, rosy and fresh
Ho wood, harmonizing and strengthening
Olibanum, sweet and resinous, is breathable and cleansing
Oudh, smells heavy, deep, dark
Patchouli, seductive, pungent and oriental
Peru balsam, sweet, vanilla-like
Tonka bean, warm, sweet and almond-vanilla like
Vanilla, sweet and comforting, healing and soothing
Vetiver, very soothing

To make your own natural perfume, you can experiment with all kinds of different scents (essential oils). A natural perfume often uses 5 to 10 different scents. So it takes quite a bit of effort to make enough different essential oils to eventually make a natural perfume. We hope that by now you have become enthusiastic about making your own essential oil and then your own natural perfume. Here you can find a copper column still and a separatory funnel so you can get started.

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