Why buying an alcoholmeter is important

Using an alcoholmeter | Distillation Supplies

Why buying an alcoholmeter is important

Are you planning to distil your own spirit? You will need a still. But that’s not all you need. Another essential part for distilling your own spirit is an alcoholmeter. We will explain the importance of buying an alcoholmeter in this blog.

Using an alcoholmeter

It is important to know how to use an alcoholmeter. To measure the alcohol percentage of your home-made drink, lower the bottom of the meter into the distillate. Leave the meter like that for a while. You can read the meter to see how much alcohol your home-made drink contains. An important point of attention when measuring the alcohol percentage is the temperature of the home-made drink. When the drink is exactly 20 degrees Celsius, the measurement will be the most accurate. As a rule of thumb, you can apply the following:

  • For every degree above 20 °C, 0.2% alcohol must be subtracted from the value of the measurement
  • For every degree below 20 °C, 0.2% alcohol must be added to the value of the measurement

Buying an alcoholmeter

Buying an alcoholmeter is easy from our online shop. Our products are of the best quality and available at a competitive price. When you purchase an alcoholmeter with your still, we deliver it directly from stock and we do not charge shipping costs. That is cheap and quick to buy an alcoholmeter. Do you have any questions about the meter or one of our other products? Please contact us, free of obligation. We will be happy to help.